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las vegas modeling agency, las vegas model, nationwide brand ambassadors & event staff

Alesha Bell


"I love working for this agency! Kelly is so professional and when I tell you prompt with the payment; I was working an event for Land's End and as soon as I was off work my Wells Fargo direct deposit was ready to be claimed! That is very commendable and I will stop whatever I am doing to work for Attract Agency anytime!"

Alex Nguyen


"Love it!"

Alexandra Mezo


"Thanks for helping us out at our event yesterday. The girls were amazing!"

Allyson Higgins-Halfpenny


"Once again your teams were amazing. Always such a pleasure working with them and you."

Amy O'Connell


"I just wanted to tell you what a privilege it was to work for your agency on Saturday.  It was by far one of the most creative, organized, high-energy events I've ever worked. I really appreciate your detailed e-mails, timely payment, and positive energy. Please keep me in mind for future events this summer.  It was a pleasure working with your agency."

Anna Greer

MAS Event + Design

"This was a monster of a project and your team did wonderfully! The client is super happy and the crew was there will smiles on through the cold weather and crazy crowds. You have some really great team members."

Anna Kiley


"I have been working in the event industry as a promotional model & brand ambassador for almost 7 years now for over 50+ agencies. Kelly, the founder of Attract Agency, is wonderful for many reasons. She promptly responds to emails, pays great rates, pays faster than 99% of the agencies I've ever worked with in the past, and cares about her staff and reputation. If you are a client deciding on which agency to go with for staffing, I can assure you that Attract Agency has a well-earned reputation which leads to amazing promotional models that are willing to go above & beyond for an agency that we can stand behind versus an agency that pays cheaper, takes forever to pay, and is also difficult to communicate with. You get what you pay for, and Attract Agency is top of the line in this industry."

Arnol Martinez


"Thank you so much Kelly for giving me the opportunity to represent your company here in NYC. It was such a pleasure working with everyone. I definitely look forward to working more events with Attract. Can I work for you full time? lol"

Austin Hall

Henry V Events

"Brand Ambassadors were incredible by the way. Attract is definitely bookmarked in my mind."

Branda Zeng


"Highly recommend, super sweet agency. Payment always on time and Kelly goes above and beyond for you, you're in good hands with Attract. :)"

Brett Miller


"I have a potential opportunity to utilize some of your staff at an upcoming RAM Truck Test Drive Track in Houston. They need help driving traffic into the RAM Truck Test Drive Track Space and I can’t think of anyone better than your staff for the job."

Brett Peterson

MGM Resorts

"Kelly has always been a joy to work with and a leader in the industry. She represents her clients passionately and professionally and has done a wonderful job starting and running her own companies."

Brittany Bauer


"Excellent agency to work with, pays quickly and great communication with staff!"

Camila Nicholson


"Hey Kelly, and the other guys... I really wanted to send you all a letter of appreciation, but I  just don't seem to have that much time to sit down. I'm so blessed to have been a referral over the summer. I put Attract at the top of my priority list when it comes to work. Mostly because you all are my favorite, but also because you take care of us. When talking to other BA's their first time working an event for Attract, I'm always telling them not to worry, "Kelly will take care of you." Though some events may seem to drag a little by the last day, I can't even complain because the clients are also very kind and I want to do a good job for them. I'm looking forward to another great year with you all."

Carl Lorins


"Thank you for all your help in Atlanta. Our BA's this time around were superstars and had incredible energy. We were able to exceed our targets and in turn make up for a rainy Chicago activation."

Carrie Forbes


"Thanks Kelly! I just wanted to let you both know that the girls were a huge help to us last night. They did an amazing job, and they helped make our jobs easier! Huge thank you to them and to you both! They were all punctual, very professional, and willing to do whatever was needed to make our event a success. I would definitely recommend them for future work with GMR!"

Casey Warner


"Rafael is AMAZING. The best mascot we’ve ever had. Energized, positive, friendly, professional and early each day. Highly recommend him for any other show."

Caslon Cato


"Attract Agency is the best (#1) marketing agency, they are in a league of the own. The level of professionalism, communication, customer service and overall experience is absolutely amazing. Thumbs up to Kelly & her team, keep up the excellent work."

Cassandra Sampson


"I love working for Attract!!! My personal favorite agency to work for. Kelly is very professional, has great communication skills, and gives her all to make sure both talent and clients are happy! Payment is always on time and everything is always organized!! 5 stars all the way!"

Chelsea Capwell


"I love working with Attract! Extremely organized and prompt communication! I would definitely recommend Kelly for all your promotional needs. 5 stars!"

Chelsea Miller

EEI Mobile

"Thank you for all of your help to make this event a success. The girls were great and such a pleasure to work with! :)"

Christina Biaggi

Stuart Weitzman

"Everything went great! The event attendees and our store team loved having DJ CC in-store. I was also there in attendance and she was fantastic, her music selection was perfect for the vibe of the event. Can't wait to have her again for our next event."

Chuck Creedon

Palms Casino Resort

"Kelly is a very high energy individual, she displays strong interpersonal skills and works extremely well with others. Creative Event Planner with a high degree of success.  Kelly uses her many resources to achieve consistent quality results. I would recommend Kelly for any partnership."

Courtney McCatty


"Attract is by far one of the top agency's to work with for so many reasons! The booking agents are friendly, professional, and organized. You have all your details event information well before your event. Because everyone's referred, it weeds out working with undesirable coworkers and everyone is friendly and hardworking. The pay is typically a higher rate than standard agencies, and faster than any other agency I've worked with. Checks within 5-9 days after event. Not to mention the opportunities to travel and work with high profile clients and vip events. Thank you Kelly, for doing such an amazing job at what you do!"

Crystal Ortiz-Worley

A-Ok Collective

"Thank you so much for everything, the girls were fantastic!!"

Daniela Popatansova


"I have been a promotional and event model for almost 7 years now. I have worked with numerous agencies and most them had their + & -. I am fortunate I found Attract last summer and worked as a beauty professional at their Birchbox tour in Chicago! I have to admit that there isn't another agency on the market that treats talent and clients with such professionalism and loyalty as Attract does. Talent is also always properly and timely compensated! Just look at the agency's portfolio that speaks for itself-amazing brands and beautiful people connecting them with consumers. Experiential marketing has never been so exciting! Thumbs up Attract!"

Danielle Kramer

RWS & Associates

"This is so awesome Kelly... thank you so much! Happy to have such a nice compliment :)"These brand ambassadors were amazing!!! They were all the first to arrive and are so amazing with concert goers. Alesha is especially a rockstar!""

Dayna Kovacic

Bacardi USA

"Kelly has winning people skills, a true entrepreneurial spirit & a resourcefulness that enables her to accomplish any goal or task that is set in front of her.  Throughout the industry, she is known as a 'go to' person for her friendly 'can do' attitude, but also is not afraid to say 'no' when it doesn't make sense for her business or client. Developing & protecting brand image are two of her biggest strengths."

Denis Mohr

Creative Solutions Group

"Thanks Kelly! The girls did a great job! Always on point and positive. It was a pleasure working with them!"

Derek Drake


"I wanted to reach out and give a thank you for you to pass on to the team we had working with us at the LA Auto Show.  JC, Thais, Dani, Julie, Carly, Felipe, Jacob were all great.  They brought an awesome energy to everything that was going on.  It’s been great working with this team over these last few events and I look forward to (a lot) more next year."

Diane Dehn


"The best agency I have worked for. Kelly is a phenomenal boss. They are very professional and always prompt on payments. Awesome!"

Domenico Del Giacco


"Awesome to work with and extremely professional! Absolutely love Attract Agency!"

Drew Batchelor


"Amazing agency to work with, Kelly and her staff are always very professional and fun to work for!"

Eddie Tam


"In all my 14 years working experiential marketing gigs this is the first time I have ever recommended an agency to my favorite client while booked on my very first gig for Kelly Guldi."

"I just wanted to let you know that because I enjoyed working with you, I suggested your company to one of my favorite Client's. I gave them an idea how you work and my personal A+ rating. Hope you get the account and hope that I'll get the chance to work with you for next year's event (I work it every year)."

Egondu Brant


"I've been with Attract for almost 2 years, and Kelly is one of the best!! It's refreshing to work for an agency owner who is so professional, upholds a standard of excellence, is selective when choosing her talent, pays very quickly and at great rates, is fair, honest and communicative! I thoroughly enjoy representing her and her elite clients."

Elena Tilvaldieva


"The best agency that I have ever worked with!!!! Great experience! superb communication and always there for her staff !!! 5 star rating all the time!!!!!"

Elliot Green

Tantrum Experiential

"Hi kelly, could you please pass on our thanks and appreciation to the staff working on the Maserati booth. We've had great positive feedback from our client and appreciate their dedication and long hours and days. Have a Happy Thanksgiving."

Emilie Hagen


"Attract is one of my favorite agencies. Kelly has amazing clients and takes care of her promo models! fast pay and good rates, too!"

Erica Nicole


"This agency is organized, professional, and pays on time."

Erika Mendoza


"Love this agency!!!! Lots of opportunities for work. I never have a problem, if I ask a question they respond quick. I looooooove that they pay so fast! A lot of other agencies can take a month to pay! I always feel comfortable to call the agency if something didn't go right with the client. They're very professional and reliable. Highly recommend Attract Agency!"

Farrah Rhea


"I love working your events because your clients and team are always so amazing and easy to work with. Your events are the best and always seem to run so smoothly! I love it! Thanks!"

Frank Tucker

LELE Hospitality

"Kelly is an amazing professional. She manages herself and her work efforts based on integrity. 
Kelly's focus is on the success of the product and the success of long term commitment to each person and client."

Gabby Glossip


"I had a great time last weekend! I hope I get more jobs with this company!"

Ginny Brennan

TH Productions

"I speak for the entire team at TH for thanking you on such a successful program last weekend. Our first time clients couldn't be happier. Thank you for always being so reliable and awesome!"

Ginny Weirick

TH Productions

"Kelly has worked with us for the past year and has been a very trusted partner. I would absolutely recommend her. She has been nothing short of extremely professional and diligent in everything she does."

Hollie Stenson


"I just wanted to thank you for the Crowne Plaza booking. It was a great job, and working with you is a very pleasant and professional experience. 
Please keep me in mind for further bookings as they come up, I'd be happy to work with you again."

Ireti Ogun


"Attract Agency helps make marketing events a complete success! You get to pick from a talent pool including professional, intelligent, and attractive representatives. I love working for Attract Agency because they are professional, on time, and make sure everyone has all the information they need."

James Hampton


"Thank you so much. You're the best and I love your company!"

James Ryder


"Kelly always pays quickly and the rates are consistently great. Excellent agency to work with."

Jamie Alison


"I loved working the Coach event. Payment was on time :) Can't wait to work for Attract again!!"

Jamile de Campos


"Great company to work for. They provide great event execution with the very selectively hired staff."

Jay Bell

Cabana Bro Shorts

"Both girls were awesome! They got along great with the rest of the crew and brought great energy to the shoot. Our photographer hasn't downloaded all of the pics yet, but from what I quickly saw on his camera, we got a lot of great shots with the girls. Thanks again for all your help on such a last minute project... you're a life saver!!"

Jerron Wesley


"Setting the standard for professionalism in the creative and marketing fields ...a leader in the experimential field.....personable and business minded. Setting a new bar for the way to do business and inspirational!"

Jess Russo


"It was a pleasure working with Kelly and Attract! She always responded to my emails right away and my event payment was in my paypal account 45 minutes after the event ended! I will absolutely be working with Attract in the future :)"

JJ Dubon


"My new to go to first promo agency. Referral based; and a on hands CEO!"

Jodie Lesman

TH Productions

"Thanks so much for helping me get staffed through my crisis on the road this week, you've been awesome to work with! additionally, my entire staff in Dallas yesterday was great, I'd recommend them again to anyone."

Jourdan Brightman


"Attract Agency not only has beautiful hardworking BA's, but they are always on top of responding quickly and getting peope hired. The events always turn out great with positive feedback and I always look forward to working for Attract Agency's clients. The staff is really great and awesome to work with."

JR Brown


"By far the best agency to work with! most professional, extreme customer service, with the top notch clients to work with in the industry! I love Attract Agency and who it represents!"

Juliana Bruns


"Attract Agency is one of my favorite agencies to work with! Kelly is detail-oriented, thorough, and has the fastest payments in the industry! I always enjoy working for Attract because there is never any uncertainty, she treats her staff with endless respect and in turn creates a wonderful atmosphere! Not to mention every event I have worked with her is so much fun! Highly recommend!"

Julie Piraino


"My favorite agency. Very professional, pleasure to work for. Quick payment, friendly staff, organized, and always the best activations and talent."

Justin Reininga


"Your referral-incentive program is another reason I'm always saying you're a top-tier/one of the best agencies in the game; so thanks again!! :))"

Justin Smith

Mueller Corporation

"Kelly is amazing at what she does. Always on top of everything and pays close attention to detail. If I'm having an event, gala, charity function, anything of the sorts, I want Guldi involved. Her energy is contagious and everyone feeds off that."

Kandee Jackson

Bosley Pro

"The girls were perfect for our event, we appreciate their professionalism."

Karen Aguirre


"I love Attract Agency. These are the reasons: 1. Great communication, always 2. Kelly is very professional 3. The pay is amazing and I truly believe Kelly knows what every job is worth and it will reflect on job posts 4. Payout is fast and offerred in multiple ways 5. I have worked a few events and they have been for awesome brands 6. Positive experiences all around, Can't wait to be back and work more!"

Kari Dickey

EEI Global

"I am on site with Jessica an she is awesome! Thank you so much! Great personality, very interactive, exactly what we need!"

Kasi Olden


"Such a professional and friendly agency to work with, couldn't ask for better!"

Kathy Devine

3M Commercial Solutions

"They were great. Loved their personalities and positivity. Thank you so much for your help. Look forward to working with you when we have future needs."

Kristin Conte

TAO Group

"Kelly is a pro! She has great relationships and brings innovative and interesting event ideas to the table. She's loyal and delivers on what she says she can do."

Krystie Phannareth


"Kelly and Attract Agency have set the bar and raised the level. Fastest payout time unheard of this industry. Hands down not only #1 agency in Vegas but #1 agency in the US."

Krystle Randall


"U make all other agents look terrible. Ur seriously the best. Always a pleasure working with you. So professional and organized! Thanks again!"

Kurtis Wankier

iSee Site

“Kelly was excellent at helping me filter for what my needs were and got me the perfect match for what my needs were. Invaluable assistance when I needed it most with a commitment to professionalism and quality.”

Lacey Brown


"I love this agency. So professional and definitely a good experience. Kelly booked me for a program and sent me all of my details moments later and everything was clear. Was able to work with my situation and exceeded my expectations. Can't wait to work with them again! Would recommend indefinitely. Great company!"

Laura Forte


"I want to thank you, Denise and the rest of the talent for an excellent job!!  We have received many compliments and hope to use your services again for next year."

Lauren Gibbs


"Attract Agency is hands down one of the best agencies that I've worked for and I've been doing brand ambassador work for over 8 years now. They are very professional, quick with payment and very organized. Hopefully I can work with you guys again in the future. :)"

Leon Bakka


"A sincere thank you for your support and involvement with Monterey Car Week and the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance!
The team dynamic and energy was strong and the results reflect this. Collectively we delivered more than 1,400 registrants vs. a target of 800. Job well done!
We appreciate the newly formed relationship we have with you and as a team we enjoyed some good natured interaction which contributed to a relaxed environment and in turn comfortable and engaged guests. I hope you feel your time and investment was beneficial as well.
We look forward to continuing our relationship with you in the future, and thank you again for helping us deliver an excellent Alfa Romeo brand experience."

Lina El-Tanamly

Stuart Weitzman

"The girls were great! thanks so much & will reach out to you for any future events we hold here in Las Vegas!"

Lindsay Kushner

MAS Event + Design

"Just wanted to say that your staff was a true pleasure to work with.  They were all respectful, diligent, resourceful, and eager to help out.  Our client was very happy and specifically acknowledged how on-point our staff was.  Although everyone was great, two people that really stepped up were Courtney and Scotch.  They made the load-in and show day experience smoother than we ever could have anticipated. Kudos to you and the whole crew! "

Lindsey Cusey


"Love working for this agency!"

Lorena Alvarez


"Hi Kelly! So I received the check yesterday and let me tell you that your agency is the first agency ever that has payed me this fast! omg 😍 thank you and have a good night."

Lynn Younglove

Hanley Wood

"Thank you for all your help. The talent was amazing. working with you was great. I appreciate it."

Mara Dibb


"We are at the remaining stretch of the college world series and I just want to thank every single one of you for doing an awesome job. I know this program brings in a lot of hours with some large crowds and unpredictable weather. I just want to say all your hard work does not go unnoticed and we thank you for being a dedicated team!!!!"

Mark Gosen

Project Sport

"Also, thank you for your recommendation of Julita. She was one of the best staff members we have had work with us in a field marketing/ promotional setting. She provided great work during every aspect of the weekend. We appreciated her professionalism and her kindness. We highly recommend her and it was a pleasure to work with her."  

Matthew Van


"Attract is a great agency to work with. Kelly makes sure you have all the information you need for a successful event."

Maureen Atwell

Miss Universe Organization

"Kelly is so easy to work with! she always came through with what was requested in a timely, efficient manner. Basically, she got the job done and made it fun while doing it, even with very short notice."

Megan Hoffman


"Amazing company. Incredible experience."

Melissa LaBak


"Thank you so much for the prompt payment. I really enjoyed working the event today. Can't wait to work more with you in the future :)"

Melissa Woodring


"I've worked promotional events and done brand ambassador work for about 5 years. I've worked with a variety of agencies and managers throughout the years, so I know the difference between working a good event and a bad one. Attract Agency has always been professional and easy to communicate with, (especially when working with one of the managers, Kelly). Additionally, the event staff I've worked with have always been very nice, well behaved, extremely experienced, and an all around good fit for the promotion. I'm glad that I've been able to work for this agency a couple of times throughout my years and I am looking forward to gaining more exposure to their events! I would definitely recommend working for Attract Agency and booking through them for your experiential marketing needs! :)"

Merlin Castell

Merlin Castell Designs

"Kelly is the best of the best to work with."

Michael Curmi


"Everyone was great. Your entire team did an amazing job. Even our event partners commented on the dramatic difference in your staff vs the staff we used last year. We provided them with an over the top goal for the week and they went above it. They were excellent."

Michael Curry


"I love Attract Agency!"

Michael Rippe


"Kelly Guldi has made Attract Agency one of the premier agencies to work with hands down. Pure quality accross the board."

Michael Sachs

Code Blue

"I am very happy to recommend Kelly. She is extremely personable and someone I can truly count on. She is an accomplished and experienced professional and understands what it takes to be a successful marketing and promotions manager."

Michaela Raines


"The Beats by Dre event was my first event working with Attract Agency, and I had a great time! There was an obvious difference in integrity and professionalism working with Attract in everything from the booking process to the client and tour team you work with. Those qualities are ones that I have found lacking tremendously in other agencies I have worked with recently, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate the efforts Attract goes through to not only meet, but exceed industry standards. I take my role in this industry very seriously, and it is refreshing when agencies respect that. Thank you for an awesome first event with you all, and I hope to be booked for many more!"

Michelle Svisdahl


"Attract Agency is an absolute incredible company to work for. The owner Kelly Guldi is fantastic to work for, pays her staff quickly and will go above and beyond for her clients needs. She is extremely reliable, professional and will bend over backwards for everyone that she works with."

Mike Pearson


"Great company to work for. Always doing the best gigs with some of the best clients. This agency's future seems pretty promising."

Natasha Vwich

Jaguar Land Rover

"Kelly - best team I've had so far! Thank you so much for putting together a stellar team!"

Patrick Brennan

Mardi Gras Hotel & Casino

"Kelly has great initiative, creativity, and attention to details.  She is a committed professional who consistently emanates professionalism and is very team oriented.  Kelly is passionate and focused and always strives to do her best in everything she is involved in."

Paul Gunn


"Very friendly, organized and professional! highly recommended!"

Perla Santana


"Great company indeed! Kelly is great .. she answers back right away. . and she cares about her talent. But I know one of the most important things. .. the pay is super fast!!!"

Porsche Petit


"The Attract team makes work easy! Communication is always clear and direct; ensuring events run seamlessly. Business is conducted with the utmost professionalism. Plus, I always leave an Attract event with new friends. I haven't recovered from my last event yet, but I already have my check! Thanks Attract!"

Rissa Davis


"Awesome company to work for. They have fun great events and Kelly is very professional. Payment was so fast I couldn't believe it. Love this company!!!"


Adir Distribution

"Stephanie was great. We will definitely recommend your company to our friends. Everything went well, thank you so much."

Ryan Valenzuela


"By far one of the best companies I've worked for, thanks for the opportunity!"

Samantha Kozuch


"I've worked with Attract Agency for well over 3 years now on a consistent basis and it's one of my favorite agencies to work with. I've worked with the agency so long because Kelly is very professional when it comes to booking events and very quick to send payment. I highly recommend models to submit to work with her agency!"

Sandy Blumberg


"Kelly is a true mover & shaker.  You want someone with a rolodex of contacts that would make any publicist green with envy, keen marketing insight to launch a new brand and who can work any room in town with her dynamic social grace then Kelly is the one to go to."

Sarah Bryan

EEI Mobile

"I wanted to say a huge thank you for your help and quick response to the need for promo at all sites yesterday and today. I know this was more of a difficult activation in that a lot of information changed in a short amount of time, and I cannot stress enough how grateful we are. Uour promo girls were fantastic, we received a lot of great feedback with them. I personally had the pleasure of working with Endeah, and I would love to have the ability to work with her again. She was by far the best promo I have ever worked with on site. She not only engaged with the customers and clients in a very respectful manner, but she was very professional, and really drove traffic to the banner that needed to be signed. As for the other locations, all feedback was fantastic, your girls really did such a great job.thank you again for being patient with this activation, and having the ability to move around and jump through hoops with is. I will definitely contact you again regarding promo that is needed on site for other activations."

Sarah Springborn

Wits End Productions

"Everybody from Attract was truly a pleasure to work with and yourslef included. The stage managers had nothing but good things to say."

Seretha Sherrod


"I love working with Attract Agency! Kelly is very prompt on getting me the information for an activation and always books me to represent awesome companies. I thoroughly enjoy opportunities to work with her!"

Shane Santos


"I just wanted to thank you for reaching out to me a year ago to do Big Fish commercial audition and for getting me background work on Dar Um Jieto video😀 it has led me to a dozen or so background jobs, I was a proxy on game show pilot, stand in on a tv show and I have done one short film😀 so thanks again and have a great day😀"

Shanell Coleman


"Kelly I just want to say thank you. Thank you for accepting me into your agency and keeping me busy. I truly appreciate you for all the opportunities I've been blessed with through you. *hugs*"

Sharron Mcbride


"I just wanted to give a huge thank you to Attract Agency... I worked for them last weekend and I received a direct deposit payment two days later! Makes you wish all agencies were like this ;)"

Sonja Johansen

Event Producer

"First of all, I must say thank you for your professionalism and promptness. I’ve been producing here for over 6+ years and have yet to have such a great experience with any single agency. I truly appreciate your time, thoroughness and talent and look forward to collaborating with you again soon.

Again, I cant thank you enough for all of your help these past two weeks. You’ve been the greatest help and I felt totally at ease going into each day knowing your talent was on site with us."

Sophie Oreck


"I was on the ground with the team. Everything went really well. WE were super happy with the folks you sent and they did a great job. Especially Jesse, he was super helpful! Thanks again."

Stephanie Hibbert


"Kelly is extremely proessional, detailed and organized with all of her talent. She sets the bar high in the industry!"

Stephen Hungerford

Earth Beverages

"​Kelly is top notch, understands the marketplace and will work to accomplish your goals."

Tatyana Guzeva

Invisible North

"Thanks again for all of the help. The staff was a pleasure to work with as always! "

Thomas Hickman


"Great experience! super fun work, very organized and was paid via wells fargo surepay an hour after the event! Attract gets my full endorsement!"

Tierra Telford


"Thanks so much for booking me to work this! It's always a pleasure working with you! can't wait till next time :)"

TJ Diab

JL Beverage Company

"Kelly's resourcefulness, team directed focus, vast network of executive level connections, work ethic, positive attitude, persistence and raw ability to get any task accomplished always exceeds even our highest expectations.  She is a leader with a plan.  I am personally proud and confident when having Kelly represent our company; the best job will unquestionably get done."

Tony Cordasco

Red Bull

"As a result of her fresh ideas & enthusiasm, Kelly has shown tremendous potential by executing an impressive number of brand building events.  She is recognized as 1 of the key people in this field in las vegas.  She is organized, efficient & has built amazing relationships in several fields.  I find Kelly to be a people oriented person who has excellent communication skills & her willingness to explore different job specializations in her field is admirable."

Tracy Maloney


"I have been in the industry for 9 years. In my experience working with Attract Agency, there has always been hardworking, reliable, and friendly talent. Kelly is very organized, great with communication, very professional, responds fast, and sends payment in a timely manner. Highly recommend!"

Vincent Leggett


"One of the best agencies that I have ever worked for! Kelly is great and always looks out for you. The pay turn around is the fastest I've ever seen!"

Waltriessa de Leon


"I couldn't ask for more out of my modeling agency. It has been a pleasure & a blessing to be a model for Attract Agency & Kelly, as my booking agent. From concerts, award shows, tradeshows & promotions, it's always exciting, energizing & well organized. Attract is my first choice, when booking assignments."

Wesley Adams


"Best agency by far to work for Kelly is fantastic."

Yvonne Hanson


"I really enjoy working with Attract! Working for Kelly and her clients is always a positive, fun and professional experience! I've had the pleasure of working for a good number of clients through Kelly. When the job is done professionally both Kelly and her clients appreciate and stay loyal to the talent!"

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