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The Bottom Line

Sure, there's an exception to every rule.. however, the majority of the time our policies and procedures are black and white.

Our Take

We're a bit unconventional when it comes to booking new talent.  That being said, we're looking for those who stand out and get recognized by someone on our team or within our network. We are a referral based agency and do not accept walk ins, blind submissions or hold open calls. Therefore, any phone calls, text messages or e-mails inquiring will be disregarded.

Submission by Referral

In order for us to market our represented talent, there are certain instruments we need to help make you successful with Attract. Please follow the instructions precisely to submit:


  • Send all of the following items as listed below in (1) e-mail to whomever referred you & kindly ask them to forward to their agency contact or if you were scouted by an Attract agent, reach out to them via the method you were scouted to inquire about a referral code & email to send your submission to.

    • The subject field should read: State you live in_First & Last Name

      • Example: Nevada_Jane_Doe

  • 1 Professional Head Shot (smiling preferred)​

  • 1 Professional Other Shot (can be full body, non-smiling, lifestyle, commercial, etc)

  • Stats

    • Men: Height, Hair Color, Eye Color, Waist Size, Pant Inseam Size, Suit Size, Shoe Size

      • Example: 6'2 - Brown - Brown- 34 - 34 - 40R - 11 

    • Women: Height, Hair Color, Eye Color, Chest Size, Waist Size, Hip Size, Shoe Size

      • Example: 5'10 - Blonde - Blue - 34 - 25 - 35 - 9

  • List of brands you've represented

  • List of positions you've held

  • List of agencies you are currently represented by

  • Languages you speak fluently

  • Phone Number

  • Email 

  • Instagram Handle

  • City & State you live in

  • Please do NOT send a resume in place of or in addition to.

  • Please do NOT send more than 2 photos as expressed above. Additionally please do not send snapshots or candids in place of professional photos. 

  • Please do NOT follow up to your submission and/or send multiple submissions/inquiries.

  • If you do NOT include everything just as listed above, your submission will be deleted upon receipt - 1st impressions are important, don't be lacking.

Update Your Profile

  • If you would like to update your agency profile, please wait until the next time you submit for a booking. At that time, please send your updated photo(s) at that time. Please do not send more than your 2 photos (1 headshot, 1 other). Should we need additional photos from you at any time, we will request them.


  • If you referred a client, you will receive a referral fee based on the overall agency commission of the initial booking

  • If agency is seeking particular candidates in a targeted area and you refer a contractor who is booked by Attract for that particular gig, you may receive either a one-time $25 referral fee or up to 50% agency commission for said booking at agency's discretion

    • Please note that referral payments only apply when offered by agency

    • If said contractor referred is not booked for that particular assignment, no fees will be exchanged

    • If referred contractor fails to complete services in which he or she is booked, no referral fees will be exchanged


Unfortunately, there is no set policy for breaks when it comes to independent contractors and every booking is different. However, we do believe there should be guidelines regardless and try our best to recommend the following structure whenever possible:

  • (1) 30 minute meal break per any booking over 6 hours

  • (1) 15 minute rest break per every 4 hours worked

  • (1) additional 30 minute meal break per any booking over 10 hours

  • Please keep in mind that all bookings are paid from call time to wrap time in which break time is not deducted from the contracted rate (unless otherwise specified), so we do expect talent to be reasonable & flexible if needed.


    In order to receive payment, you must send the following 2 things promptly following completion of services and in accordance with the terms below:


    1. Invoice

      • Click here to download an invoice template 

      • You can also download any template online by searching free invoice templates or how to create an invoice on google just as long as you include all of the necessary information.

      • Please include the following on all invoices: Full Legal Name or Company Name, Mailing Address, Phone Number, Date, Project Name you were booked for, Dates you are billing for, Rate you were contracted at, Total amount due & Payment terms

    2. W9

    • All expense support and additional hours must be reported within 24 hours of events end. Any delay providing these documents, may cause a delay in payment and any previously approved expenses or additional hours may become exempt.

    • Failure to submit an invoice within 30 days from completion of services will require an invoice to be sent electronically either through Square or PayPal for processing. 

    • Failure to submit an invoice either within 90 days from completion or within the same year in which the services were performed will result in forfeiture of fees.

    • If your address has changed you must notify agency that your address on your invoice has been updated/changed at the time in which you submit your invoice. If you do not, you will be responsible for any fees related to reissuing payment if needed.

    • Our standard payment processing is by check which takes 5-7 business days to arrive following receipt of invoice. Please allow up to 15 business days for checks to arrive to account for any postal delay before contacting us regarding as sometimes they can get slightly delayed by mail for whatever reason. 

    • Additional methods of payment include: Credit Card, Square & PayPal. Please note, you will be responsible for any convenience or processing fees associated with these methods. All of these methods are processed within 0-1 business days.

    • Should you want to receive payment via PayPal, please send us an invoice or payment request through PayPal

    • Should you want to receive payment via Square, please send us an invoice through Square

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